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Access A Print Sitewide Sale

Photo Requirements



We want your photo gifts, with the images you submit to us, to look their very best when you send them to family and friends! To help us help you, whenever possible please try to submit high-resolution, high-quality, full color, original images.

For designs available for ordering using our Product Builder, your digital photos will be automatically submitted along with your order. There’s no need to resubmit unless we contact you otherwise.


The following types of images are recommended to produce the best photo gifts & cards:

  • Original digital photos that are in JPEG format
  • Images that are at least 300 DPI and 1000px minimum width and/or height.
  • Images that are clear when inspected up close
  • Images without exposure issues (i.e. not too dark/light)
  • Images that have NOT been previously altered or cropped
  • Images that have been properly scanned (see below)
  • Images in CMYK format. Although not required, if an image is submitted in the standard screen RGB format, there will be slight color discrepancies in your print. If you have concerns about color turnout, please request an image proof while submitting your order.

The following types of images are NOT recommended for use:

  • Images shared/stored on web sites (low resolution)
  • Images sent back and forth via email
  • Images taken with older, lower-quality cell phone cameras


Scanning Images


  • Glossy photos provide better results when scanned.
  • Please wipe clean your photo and scanner before scanning.
  • Only scan original prints, not photocopies.
  • Your prints must be scanned at 300 dpi, with a minimum size of 4×6. If you’re scanning 4×6’s, simply set your scaling to 100% at 300 dpi.
  • Save images as JPEG, at the highest quality possible.
  • If you apply any effects to your photos before submitting them to us, please be sure that the original size of the photo is preserved.


For more information: Ordering Information & FAQ